Monday, April 12, 2010

Another one bites the dust...

I had a very bad cold before Easter, woke up with an ear infection on Easter morning, I still have not regained full hearing in my left ear.

This weekend, Todd started coughing and complaining of cold symptoms. Today he went to the doctor but, luckily, he doesnt have any infection...

And it begins....

Today, I started a long term sub postion. I will be educating a wonderful group of kindergarteners for 6 1/2 weeks. So far, I have put in a lot more work outside of the classroom than in it. Alas, I am not paid for any of those hours. And the little angels are testing the limits like you would not beleive. But on the upside, I have NOT run out of the room, screaming, yet....

Also on the upside, the school is just FULL of supportive staff members. I don't know how many people welcomed me today and offered to help if I needed anything.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What the Friday!!

This story just makes me sooo angry! I can't even put any words to it....

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What the Friday??

My husband just checked the mail. I had ordered some pictures from Kodak, since they were larger sizes I had them mailed instead of printed locally. The envelope clearly states KODAK PHOTOS, and PHOTOS DO NOT BEND. So what does my mail carrier do? She bends them and shoves them in the mail box!!! I am just livid! I mean she ruined 4 8x10's at $4 each and the shipping is a minimum of $8 to reorder she can just bend them again?? Really, is my driveway that long that she couldnt get out and walk them to the door???

What a day!

Thursday night, we went to bed to pouring rain outside. We woke up to massive snow. The north side of our house had so much snow stuck to the windows that it was impossible to see out. Out the front of the house it was snowing so hard that I couldnt see across the street. Isaac's playdate/egg dying date was canceled due to road conditions.

Shortly after 830, the electricity started flashing on and off. About 900 am it went off for good. So then Isaac was mad that we couldn't color eggs at all, we couldnt boil eggs without power. Also, in our co-op no electricity means very little water pressure and/or water since the water pump is electrical too.

About 100, we were starting to get cold, so I called Todd at work who talked me through how to take the fireplace off of electricity and put it on batteries. So then we could hang out down there and at least be warm even though it was a lot darker than in the living room.

Todd got home from work about 220 since his place of employment did not have snow removal lined up and they didn't want any one to be stuck there for the weekend. He had also talked to the power company about the outage, I guess they had a lot of lines down so they told him to expect 2-3 days. So we had a plan all in place. Isaac could sleep in the family room and try out our new hide a bed couch, we could use the guest bed. The fireplace would be able to keep both those rooms warm. We filled up some water jugs for when the water tank was empty, and we could cook in the camper which uses gas, or on the grill in necessary.

But luckily, the power came back on around 330, it was flashy at first, but then stayed on. Wow we were so fortunate. I just pray that the rest of the outage was fixed just as quickly.