Thursday, June 4, 2009

I've been tagged

Megan over at Life with the Rostens tagged here goes...

things I am looking forward to
1. a vacation to Minnesota
2. Seeing my nephew on the above vacation
3. To be chosen by a birthmother
4. Todd finishing the family room
5. Going camping again
6. MNO next week

things that I did yesterday
1. Read books to Isaac.
2. Brought Isaac to Speech
3. Talked on the phone to my sister
4. Brought Isaac to Swimming lessons
5. Cleaned up the yard
6. Played outside in the yard
7. Read a book on the deck.
8. Planned out some of our vacation

things that I wish I could do
1. International Adoption
2. Win the lottery to fund #1
3. Get my house more organized
4. Work as a teacher again

8 shows I watch
1. Law and order
2. Law and order:SVU
3. How I met your Mother
4. Rules of engagement
5. Desperate housewives
6. The office
7. Chuck
8. Two and 1/2 men

I know I didnt do 8 for each category, but oh well...And I am not going to tag anyone else since I dont know that many that Megan didnt already tag.

1 comment:

Megan said...

Have fun on your vacation!

Hopefully I will be able to join you for MNO next week! I could use an evening out with friends!