Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Carpet and late What The Friday

We finally got our carpet put in the house last Thursday, here is our beautiful new family room.

And now for the What The Friday part....here are our stairs....

Yes, that's right, they didnt have enough carpet to finish them...it will take a couple of weeks for more carpet to come in.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monopoly Mania

Todd and I were playing Monopoly Deal this weekend, and Isaac was playing with our Monopoly City board and buildings. He really likes all the little buildings. Isaac kept asking us questions about the Monopoly Deal game until he finally joined "Todd's team". Still that wasn't enough to curb his curiosity, so we finally dealt him his own cards. Well two games later, Isaac has the game almost completely mastered and has won both games. He only needs help with a little bit of the reading. I think Isaac is completely hooked on the game because he has played around 6 or more games of it since then. We even had to play it twice more this morning after breakfast. I think it is great since Todd doesn't have that much time to play games with me. The older Isaac gets the more games he can learn to play with me!

Weekend update

We started out the weekend with a datenight. Todd and I went out for dinner with some friends to an italian restaurant. It was pretty good, the dessert was awesome. Then we went to a movie, Avatar. Todd really liked it but he is into science fiction. I liked the first half when we were introduced to the planet of Pandora and the Na'vi. But the second half was too violent for my taste.

Saturday we moved furniture out of the office room to get ready for the carpet to come. Hopefully that is put in soon.

Sunday we had a more relaxed day, I think we all took naps at some point and played games, and sorted pictures for the photo albums. I am way way behind.

And of course we celebrated Valentine's day. I recieved cards and flowers from my guys. I gave them cards and Isaac got a box of "pot of gold" chocolate. He is such a chocoholic I thought he would appreciate the better chocolate and he does, he even shares some with me.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What the Friday??

Most people I know try to keep rodents out of their houses, not invite them in and keep them as pets. But one person out there has a 100 pound rodent as a pet! Think about that...100 lbs! My Stacy is only 68 lbs. Gross!! Here is a picture of him lying on the couch!

Funny words

Isaac has decided that he likes to say funny words repetively just for the fun of it....last week was "Bazing-ga". This week's word seems to be "milk-a-whata". I can't decide if it is entertaining or annoying.

Hell Week

Last week was really awful at our house. Todd was out of town for the week for work. Isaac wasn't very happy about that and took it out on me. And just for fun, I threw in a sinus infection. Yeah! To top things off, Todd's flight home on Friday morning was canceled. Luckily, he was able to get on the next flight and get home late that night.

This week, we are settling back into our routine, and things are going a lot more smoothly!

Friday, February 5, 2010

What the Friday??

I have been coming up with this idea for a couple of weeks now, so here it goes...I would like to start a new blog carnival...What the Friday?? It basically comes from the idea that at least once a week I hear/see something that makes me think "what the frick?" so I thought I could share some of those things with you. If you want to share yours, feel free....

So onto this week's What the Frick?

I heard on the radio this week that Indianapolis is pushing back its school start time on Monday morning by one hour. Apparantly in the past when the Colts have been in the Superbowl, the bus drivers all call in sick the morning after, so to try to deter this, the schools are actually going to open later. Really?? Like the bus drivers won't still be hungover then?

In New Orleans, school has been canceled altogether for Monday.

The radio announcers then went on to say that it would work out better if President's Day was moved to coincide with The Superbowl because then the schools would already be out for the day. Really, why not move the Superbowl by one week?

Thursday, February 4, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I was looking at the newsletter for a local clay place and noticed a class they were offering to make jewelry pieces. So I signed up. It was a lot of fun, we started with wet clay and used stamps to make texture and cookie cutters to cut out our pieces. Then they had to be cooked in the kiln. Then the next week we went back to glaze our pieces. It was so much fun and I am really happy with how mine turned out. Here they are:

Now I need to finish each off with beads and cord.