Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend update

We started out the weekend with a datenight. Todd and I went out for dinner with some friends to an italian restaurant. It was pretty good, the dessert was awesome. Then we went to a movie, Avatar. Todd really liked it but he is into science fiction. I liked the first half when we were introduced to the planet of Pandora and the Na'vi. But the second half was too violent for my taste.

Saturday we moved furniture out of the office room to get ready for the carpet to come. Hopefully that is put in soon.

Sunday we had a more relaxed day, I think we all took naps at some point and played games, and sorted pictures for the photo albums. I am way way behind.

And of course we celebrated Valentine's day. I recieved cards and flowers from my guys. I gave them cards and Isaac got a box of "pot of gold" chocolate. He is such a chocoholic I thought he would appreciate the better chocolate and he does, he even shares some with me.

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