Sunday, October 18, 2009

One busy weekend.

We were so busy this feels like we ran all weekend.

Saturday morning I met with my circle group at church. They are such a great group of ladies. I was the hostess this month so I got up early and baked some coffee cake before the meeting.

Saturday afternoon, Isaac attended an animal adventure camp at the zoo. He learned about spooky spiders and had a great time. While Isaac was there, Todd and I enjoyed a walk around the zoo. It was so nice out this weekend. And all the animals were actually awake and walking around, it was fun. Then Todd and I ran a couple of errands before going back to pick up Isaac.

Saturday night, Todd and I attended a party for some friends of ours while Isaac stayed home with a babysitter. We all had fun.

Sunday morning, Isaac and I went to church school while Todd stayed home to sleep. He was not feeling well. Sunday afternoon Todd watched the football game, while Isaac and I attended a birthday party for one of Isaac's school friends. It was a lot of fun. It was at a gymnastics place and the kids got to run around and jump on all the trampolines and such. It wore them out!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lowe's Math and Paint Colors

One day, Todd and Isaac went to Lowe's to pick up some primer to start painting the family room. While Todd was reading the primer to figure out how much to get, he told Isaac that they will need 2 gallons for one coat. So Isaac asks how many coats they were going to do. Todd responded with "2". Without even pausing to think, Isaac responds with, "well we will need 4 gallons then."

Also while there Isaac decided to pick out some paint color. Well he picked an orange that he just loves. Later at supper, we were discussing paint colors for the basement. I gently tried to tell Isaac that we may not use the color that he picked because it is up to the mom and dad to pick the color. I told him that when he got older that he and his wife could pick the colors. Todd added, "actually Isaac it is usually the girls that get to pick the colors." Of course Isaac didn't like that idea and said the he would just tell his wife "the way it goes." So I just had to ask. "really how will it go?"

Isaac then explained to me that he and his wife will have 28 rooms and they will each get to pick 14 colors. Wow that will be a big, colorful house.

Sensory Processing Disorder Conference

Yesterday a friend of mine and I attended a conference on SPD. It was very informative. So much so that it was overwhelming. I am so glad that the presenter gave us all a manual of the information so that I can go back over it. I also bought a few books.

While I learned a lot of strategies on how to handle my son's behavior, I felt the most important thing that I learned are easy to remember and understand definitions of SPD so that other people in my son's life can also begin to understand him and his behavior. The more people in his life that can understand him and his needs, the safer it will be for him to have his needs met.

One definition is as follows: Sensory processing disorder is when the brain mutes or magnifies sensory messages inappropriately.

Another thing that I learned that I would love everyone to know about sensational kids is that on the inside SPD causes chaos, so they really need constant on the outside.

Yesterday's conference is just one step in that understanding. I hope that all the social workers, teachers, occupational therapists, and parents that attended it will have more understanding next time they work with a sensational child.

A Thousand Splendid Suns

One thing I planned to do on this blog when I started it was "book reviews". I haven't done that many but it is never too late to start.

A Thousand Splendid Suns was written by Khaled Hosseini. (He also wrote Kite Runner which was also a very good read.)

I thought this book was so good that I have in fact read it twice which is not something I do often. It is not only a heart breaking story about a couple of women and their families (the things these women have to endure are just awful), it is also full of the history of Afghanistan which I personally did not know much about. After reading this book, I have a renewed fear of the Taliban and terrorists. The power that they have had (and continue to have) in Afghanistan is terrifying.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Anastasia!!

My furbaby is 7 today!

Frog Friend

One night I had a book talk meeting. When I came home I found a very sad little boy. I guess he and his Dad had found a frog friend in the yard but Dad wouldn't let Isaac keep the frog. But they did take pictures of is one of them....

Anyone else thinking what I am thinking? Yeah, why was the frog on my kitchen rug? Todd said that it was too dark to take a good picture outside! LOL