Sunday, October 18, 2009

One busy weekend.

We were so busy this feels like we ran all weekend.

Saturday morning I met with my circle group at church. They are such a great group of ladies. I was the hostess this month so I got up early and baked some coffee cake before the meeting.

Saturday afternoon, Isaac attended an animal adventure camp at the zoo. He learned about spooky spiders and had a great time. While Isaac was there, Todd and I enjoyed a walk around the zoo. It was so nice out this weekend. And all the animals were actually awake and walking around, it was fun. Then Todd and I ran a couple of errands before going back to pick up Isaac.

Saturday night, Todd and I attended a party for some friends of ours while Isaac stayed home with a babysitter. We all had fun.

Sunday morning, Isaac and I went to church school while Todd stayed home to sleep. He was not feeling well. Sunday afternoon Todd watched the football game, while Isaac and I attended a birthday party for one of Isaac's school friends. It was a lot of fun. It was at a gymnastics place and the kids got to run around and jump on all the trampolines and such. It wore them out!

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