Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sensory Processing Disorder Conference

Yesterday a friend of mine and I attended a conference on SPD. It was very informative. So much so that it was overwhelming. I am so glad that the presenter gave us all a manual of the information so that I can go back over it. I also bought a few books.

While I learned a lot of strategies on how to handle my son's behavior, I felt the most important thing that I learned are easy to remember and understand definitions of SPD so that other people in my son's life can also begin to understand him and his behavior. The more people in his life that can understand him and his needs, the safer it will be for him to have his needs met.

One definition is as follows: Sensory processing disorder is when the brain mutes or magnifies sensory messages inappropriately.

Another thing that I learned that I would love everyone to know about sensational kids is that on the inside SPD causes chaos, so they really need constant on the outside.

Yesterday's conference is just one step in that understanding. I hope that all the social workers, teachers, occupational therapists, and parents that attended it will have more understanding next time they work with a sensational child.

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Kristin @ The Krumwiede 6 said...

I told Chad about the "SPD causes chaos on the inside, so they need constant on the outside"... Chad's response? Shelby is so screwed at this house... ;)

Thanks for going with me friend...the more people we can get to understand what is going on in our sensational children's lives the better!!!