Sunday, June 20, 2010


Wow, summer is speeding by already...We went camping in Medora for Memorial day Weekend. It was fun, kind of cold, but I prefer that it not be really hot when we camp in a non electrical campground. There were some wild horses in our campsite twice, so that was exciting. The bison weren't too active. Isaac was able to complete the booklet to become a junior park ranger. He recieved two badges for his efforts and had to wear both of them all weekend. He also wanted to go to the Cowboy Museum so we did since it was a little rainy. I didnt find it that interesting but Isaac enjoyed it.

In June, we planned and then canceled a couple of camping trips. the weather has just been too stormy.

We stayed home for the 4th of July. Our neighborhood had a great time lighting off fireworks, we were all out on the street until after midnight. It is so awesome to have such fun, friendly neighbors.

Last week, we spent a few days with Todd's family on their farm. Both of his brothers were able to come this year so we had a good visit. We also had some canoe rides on the dam, a couple of campfires, and roasted marshmallows.

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