Friday, October 29, 2010

What the Friday??

My What the friday is about a girl in Kansas this week who was taking a class about livestock and poultry prodution. The class project was to raise chickens and then slaughter, dress and package them...well this girl got attached to her chicken and refused to slaughter it, instead she smuggles the dumb thing out of school in her purse.

ok Really?? what did she think they were going to do with a chicken in a class about poultry production??? and why on earth would anyone put a chicken in a purse??? that would make a huge mess. And lastly the article ends with the chicken now lives on a relatives farm...really?? And what happens to chickens on farms??? They live happily ever after right??

Here is the link if you want to

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Arnegard said...

Thanks for the laugh.
I also have to appriciate a WTF post also means you must not be working today! YEAH!