Friday, July 24, 2009

A fun day!

Isaac and I had a great day yesterday. We started out at Urban Harvest and enjoyed a puppet show, story time, mini donuts, and chatting with lots of friends. Some I havent seen for a very long time. One not since college!

In the afternoon, Isaac got some fun playing time with the neighbor. They flew kites until the kites were either tangled up or on the roof...and then headed to each of our back yards for a while and then into the neighbors house since it was getting hot out. So I got a little bit of quiet time, even though it feels odd to be able to let him just go and play in the neighborhood on his own (with a couple of rules, of course.) However, it is completely awesome to live in a neighborhood like ours.

In the evening, I had a great and much needed moms night out. We did a scavenger hunt and then had ice cream. It was a blast even though my team didn't win.

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malette-foreveryoung said...

I miss MOMS Night out , it sound like you had fun