Friday, July 17, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

Isaac has two loose teeth but doesn't really want them to fall out. So I have been trying to motivate him to get them out with rewards of the tooth fairy coming. But with my literal child, it is just too complicated. Here is the conversation from this morning.

Me: Isaac, you should wiggle that tooth. If you get it out, the tooth fairy will come and leave you money.

Isaac: Or maybe a new monster truck? (he is all into the hotwheels monster trucks)

Me: I don't think the tooth fairy drives a monster truck. Besides how would she get home, if she left her monster truck here? (Sometimes, I can't resist teasing him.)

Isaac: Mom, she doesnt have to drive it, she could just drop it off. She is too big to drive it anyway. It is just a toy.

Me: I bet she could drive it, she is small enough. I think she is the size of Tinkerbell or something.

Isaac: Really? I want to know what she looks like, show me a picture.

Me: I don't have any pictures. I haven't really seen her. I am just guessing.

Isaac: You really don't have a picture? Maybe the internet has one? I know, when I loose this tooth, I will hide and take a picture of her.

Me: I don't think she will come if you are awake, kind of like Santa Claus.

Isaac: Then I will sneak-attack her and take a picture. Or a video.

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Dakotapam said...

Too funny. My oldest refused to wiggle his tooth because he heard there would be blood when it fell out. I guess he'll never be a Dr!