Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cell phone rage?

Are any of you familiar with this?

I got a call this afternoon from a really crabby sounding person asking if I just called their number. I said "no". He responded with but I just got a call from this number. "No you didnt" I say. So then he tells me a number close to mine but not exactly mine, and I say "that is not my number." He says, so what is your number? I respond with "the number you just dialed and I didn't call you," and hung up.

Idiot, if you are going to cellphone rage on someone for misdialing, maybe you should dial correctly yourself!


Arnegard said...

Funny and odd at the same time.

Lori said...

omg Sarah, I've gotten those too. I LOVE when they have the gall to ask "who's this?" ... I'm obviously not the person they thought they called and I have no obligation to tell them who I am. Sheesh, admit you dialed wrong, apologize, and move on!