Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We have been really busy around here. We made our annual visit to the pumpkin patch....

And had a great Halloween. I didn't get any good pictures of Isaac, he dressed up like a fire fighter. My mom came down to visit that weekend too. We took in the quilt show.

Todd and Isaac baked me a cake and took me out for supper the night before my birthday too. Then Mom and I spent the morning of my birthday doing some shopping while Isaac was in school. It was a great time!

I spent the evening of my birthday with some friends. We went out to dinner and then were off to a "Diva Night" to get a little pampered and buy a new purse. It was a really fun time.

This last weekend went really well. As some of you know the weather was just gorgeous. I was outside barefoot on Saturday cleaning my windows. I have also been grilling a lot with the nice weather. Todd picked out some stone for his fireplace. Todd and Isaac got the laundry room primered and put back together.

Besides for the football withdrawal (the Vikings had a bye week), it was a good weekend.

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