Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Update

We had a good weekend around here. On Friday, Stacy had to go to the vet for her shots, and we found out that she has gained more weight so she has been told to lose 5 lbs. Poor girl.

On Saturday, Todd worked in the family room, he finished the ceiling and lights. So we are all ready for carpet down there. I want to clean out the computer room first and get that recarpeted at the same time since it has really yucky carpet. On Saturday night, we attended the employee appreciation for Todd's work. He received his 10 years of service award. Way to go Todd!! We had a good time visiting with his coworkers, dancing and eating. Oh yeah, and a group of us snuck off to the bar to watch the Colts game. In the meantime, Isaac got to spend some time with his favorite babysitter ever.

On Sunday, we watched the Vikings beat up on the Cowboys. Go Vikes!!

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Arnegard said...

GO Vikings!
My H kept saying Monday, "Gotta love those Vikings!" He even has Taylor saying, "Go VIkings!" and Vikings, Touchdown." even though she fell asleep during the 4th quarter of the game!