Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Christmas is done, and we took down the trees today. Isaac is happy to be able to run in the living room again. The tree took up too much space.

School starts tomorrow and I think Isaac is happy to be going back, but he has not complained at all about being home. He wasn't "bored" once. He slept in almost every day so getting up tomorrow morning may be a challenge.

I have set up my new years goals. I am going with a monthly goal system again this year. It makes it easier to actually accomplish some things. Each month I will write out 3-4 goals to accomplish for that month. Januarys include cleaning up my computer room, cleaning out the filing cabinet, and exercising at least three times each week. I am also going back to a gratitude journal this year.

The other 'new' in this year is that I will be going back to substitute teaching a couple days a week. I put my name on the list before Christmas break and already have a few days scheduled. So that should be fun.


Dakotapam said...

Good for you! I stopped making resolutions long ago...monthly goals seem much more manageable. A gratitude journal is great...I've found that when I look at all of my blessings, I can more clearly see God's hand in my life, even through my roughest points.

Arnegard said...

Best of luck teaching again!