Saturday, May 8, 2010


Wow, it has been a long time since I have updated this blog...

We are all healthy again...I had to go back in for my ear infection and get more antibiotics. Isaac had a cold that went into his eye, so he went in for drops. And Todd just coughed a lot.

I have been soooo busy with the subbing. The lesson plans involve a lot of work at home since I don't have much if any prep time during my days at school. The students have been a lot of fun, most are little darlings.

Only 2 1/2 weeks left but A LOT to get done in that time...assessments, report cards, field trips to prepare for, kindergarten graduation program to learn songs and poems for, etc.

I would just like to note that while I am very busy with all of this, that I could easily have been busier, but several staff members have been helping out to ease the work load! I can't say enough about the staff at this school. They have been so incredibly helpful and supportive. They are such an awesome group of people!

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Arnegard said...

We all miss you Sarah!
Good thing there are only a few weeks left so soon we can have you back to ourselves!! Enjoy teaching!