Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekend update

We had a very busy weekend. Well actually it started on Thursday night when I went out to the MOMS Club annual cookie exchange. the cookies were all so yummy.

Then Isaac had a Christmas program at the church on Sunday so that took up most of the weekend. Saturday morning was practice, and then on Sunday he had his regular church school in the morning (it was my turn to teach) and then the program in the afternoon.

Saturday morning Todd worked on the fireplace and attached all the rocks to the wall, now he just needs to grout around them and the fireplace will be done.

Sunday evening Todd had the coop board meeting at our house so we also had to clean the house and fix some goodies for that.

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Angela :-) said...

Sounds like good things are happening. :-) I AM thinking of you, even if we don't have time to talk. ;-)

Angela :-)